PROCLAIM ACADEMY has provided an accredited non-traditional educational experience to students in Ellenwood Georgia and surrounding areas since 2004. We discover and develop the talents of students in academics, or the arts. The mission of PROCLAIM ACADEMY is to provide college preparatory skill mastery preparing students to become successful adults utilizing a Sankofa delivery model. SANKOFA is an Akan word meaning looking back to your own traditions and culture to know the past, define the present, and determine the future path. 

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​Private Christian Nontraditional Education

The day starts with music, pledges and prayer

Bible study is conducted with written text (KJV),audio visual technology, and  art projects.

Reading is taught with individual and group phonics, oral reading and technology.

Cursive writing starts with first grade !!

Outside "play" teaches science, gardening and team building through games and construction with loose pieces in nature.
The Back to Eden Garden center allows students to learn how vegetables are grown, participate in the planting, care and harvesting of vegetables , creating an edible lesson.

Trips to parks, nature centers, museums, musical/ dance performances and events such as the Native American PowWow, and Renaissance festival give students opportunities to learn by experience.

Students perform songs, deliver speeches and display their talent in the programs presented for holiday celebrations and the end of year promotional program.