​Christian Nontraditional Education

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Admission requirements
STEP ONE :An interview with parents and student is the first step to determine if the PCA program is compatible with the academic, spiritual and physical needs of the student. STEP TWO:  Upon acceptance of an applicant, A complete application must be submitted with copies of previous school records, test scores and any behavior reports.

STEP THREE: Payment of enrollment fees.

STEP FOUR:Submission of Documents for registration:
A copy of Student’s Social Security card
Birth certificate
Immunization, dental, vision, and hearing exam records.
Academic, attendance, conduct records and standardized test scores from last school attended.


Proclaim Academy forms a partnership with parents to raise students to the highest standards.  Together, we will develop Christian values, work ethics and respect for authority.

Dress Code

Proclaim academy students will wear uniforms daily.  Studies show that students have a higher self esteem and better behavior when they wear uniforms. Proclaim Academy seeks to eliminate the need to correct any offensive dress style by the strict enforcement of uniform dress.
 Proclaim academy has selected uniform items for both male and female students.  Our pre-selected uniforms can be viewed and ordered on-line via www.frenchtoast.com , source code #QS5DECW.
  PANTS - navy blue long or short pants, with a plain black belt.
SHOES - should be plain black (black athletic shoes are acceptable) with proper closings- shoe strings tied, slip on or Velcro closure.
SOCKS-White, black or navy blue
SHIRTS - Casual   daily wear - LIGHT BLUE(k-5th),YELLOW (6th -8th) polo type cotton knit collar shirt.
Dress uniform blue or yellow oxford type with button down collar, tie – as assigned, Navy Blue Blazer or sweater with PCA patch.
Casual uniform –
Bottoms-  solid navy blue or plaid navy/lt. blue/gold Jumper, skirt, skort, or scooter- at knee length; or navy blue long or short pants.
Tops – Light blue( k-5th), yellow(6th-8th ) collared knit type blouse, with long or short sleeves.
Shoes- black or navy tie up or closed toe shoe. (Oxford or Mary Jane style) All black athletic shoes are acceptable.
Dress uniform–    Plaid navy/ gold blue jumper or skirts,blue/yellow blouse with collar, tie as determined by PCA, navy blue blazer or sweater with PCA patch, Black or navy shoes, navy
Socks or tights.Belts and hair accessories should not have hanging parts that cause distractions, impair vision etc.

Jewelry should be limited to modest non- dangling earrings, and a standard wrist watch. No rings, chains, novelty purses or other items which will attract attention and cause disruption of class.

The casual uniform should be worn every day unless notification is sent.  The dress uniform is listed to be used*as notified for pictures, chapel Worship, field trips when the attire is dressy or for other special events.

*Physical education attire will consist of loose fitting elastic waist pants and  gold shirt with school logo, athletic shoes, and appropriate outer wear, if needed.

 *parent notification will be sent in advance


grade level 3K-5k1st to 3rd4-6th6-8th
book and supplies$300$400.00$400.00$450.00
Registration fee$150.00$150.00$150.00$150.00
Total start up costs$450.00$550.00$550.00$600.00
Annual tuition$6000.00$6000.00$6500.00$7000.00
Total annual cost$6450.00$6550.00$7050.00$7600.00
Quarterly +3%-Aug.,Nov.,Feb$2060.00 $2060.00$2232.00$2403.00
10 monthly  payments +4%$624.00$624.00$680.00$728.00
12 monthly payments +5%$525.00$525.00$570.00$613.00
discounts available for 2nd and third child