PROCLAIM ACADEMY was founded in 2004, and has provided a non-traditional educational experience to students in Ellenwood Georgia and surrounding areas. We discover and develop the talents of students in academics, or the arts. The mission of PROCLAIM ACADEMY is to provide college preparatory skill mastery preparing students to become successful adults utilizing a Sankofa delivery model. Proclaim Academy, Inc. was fully accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission in 2008, and fully accredited with Quality in 2011.  PROCLAIM ACADEMY is licensed with Bright from the Start as a home learning center.

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​Christian Nontraditional Education


PROCLAIM  SANKOFA is a pedagogy developed to give the students a rewarding, inspiring and empowering educational experience.  This educational model incorporates some elements of Montessori, Reggio and Parochial education.  The Akan word Sankofa means  to  “looks back”. PCA looks back at time tested traditions and incorporates reverence of God, Respect for authority, nature and self; Expectation of success with no excuses; Individualization of educational experience; study of the Bible, African, Native American history and the impact on civilization; and finally Respect and inclusion of all cultures and contributions.  In addition to a rigorous academic curriculum, the students have Bible study, music, foreign languages, art, gardening, etiquette and healthy nutrition. Numerous field trips and performing opportunities complete this educational experience.

Academic Goals 

Proclaim Academy seeks to teach to the highest potential of each student.  Hands on interactive experiences provide project based learning to enhance, model and practice concepts taught using the  accelerated  ABEKA Christian curriculum with many supplements.
PROCLAIM ACADEMY emphasizes full mastery of all skills through the efforts of teacher, student and parents.
 All students receive “gifted” education with the enrichment of research projects, music, visual art, field trips, art and culture infusion.
 PROCLAIM ACADEMY Students are allowed to advance in their educational program at their own pace with mastery of subject matter at 80% and better, providing an individualized student centered program.

Statement of Faith

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, written by men divinely inspired by God; The Triune God- Father, Son and Holy Spirit are One; that God created the heaven, the earth and all that dwell therein; that man’s salvation is through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Admission policies  

Students of any race, national origin or ethnic background may apply for admission. Student’s admission to Proclaim Academy, Inc. will be based on application, interview and parental agreement with the policies and practices of PCA.

Program description

Proclaim Academy, Inc. is a student centered Private School.  Benefits of attendance include small class size, enrichment and remediation to accommodate learning differences, field trips and high expectations for all students. Students will engage in creative expression through performing arts, and research and presentation of projects.

     A national standards curriculum is used which meets or exceeds minimum state requirements. Language is taught for mastery of phonics, reading, grammar, spelling and composition. Math facts mastery is encouraged using various methods for practice and application. History and culture is taught to appreciate the multicultural diversity of America.  Science is taught with outdoor exploration,with the BACK TO EDEN program, text books and enriching field trips. 

The Stanford standardized test is used to assess the achievement level of the students.  This test is not timed and allows students with various learning styles to successfully complete the assessment.


​Tradition of Excellence

Why ChooSE

Our School

  1. PASSIONATE  Instructors
  2. ABEKA curriculum
  3. full range of classes
  4. tutoring
  5. high student test scores